Tesla Long and Short Myths

Tesla Long and Short Myths
Sifting through the masses of articles and comments here on investment forums about Tesla, I find many myths which are prevalent to both the long and short. Here are four long myths, four short myths and three myths which neither side seem to be able to look at objectively.
Long myths
1.Tesla should be valued as a technology company. Car building is a capital-intensive industry, while software is not. Building store dealers is an even more capital-intensive approach. Software, on the other hand, requires a large up-front investment, but extra copies, especially on the Internet, cost close enough to zero that it makes sense to round down. This is why McAfee decided to give away a trial of their software and others have free models of some versions of their products.
2.Taking Elon’s promises literally. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t take solar roofs or the model 3 or Y seriously, but that you should take sales projections of a million cars a year by 2025 with…
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